History Tour: Royal Oak

Royal Oak, City of Trees. We visit an Indian Trail, an old brick house, some humongous parks and the site of the old oak tree that inspired General Cass.

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A loose visitors’ agenda, a book release party we’re really excited about, the community challenge grant, and how Royal Oak got its name.

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Summer love hiatus

On Monday we came home from a long weekend in North Carolina, where cities and towns have pretty names that sound even prettier spoken in a come-hither Southern accent. Charlotte. Chapel Hill. Raleigh. We drove from Charlotte through red hills and mossy vales to a dairy and inn near Siler City, where a friend of mine from college married a kind and beautiful woman.

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Workmen’s Circle Cemetery

In the early 1920s, my grandfather Isadore came to Detroit from what is now Belarus. My great-grandfather Yehuda was already here, building houses on the east side for the rapidly expanding community of other European immigrants settling at the boundaries the city.

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Summer of Stroh’s

What’s up with that lion on the label? I bet you’ve never wondered. Plus: the demise of the Eastown.

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Ghost hunters

Before Sunday, I’m pretty sure I’d never taken a picture of Michigan Central Station.

But let’s backtrack.

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