Frontier Anarchy: Pre-automotive Detroit history tour with THE DETROIT BUS COMPANY

Friends! This is big news: I’m hosting a tour on Sunday, Dec. 2, with the Detroit Bus Company.

Something I hear all the time when I’m out and about and yammering ears off about history is: “Oh, yeah, I’ve always meant to check out that [old-as-hell bar / cemetery / architectural district / hidden landmark].” But Detroit is huge and full of secrets and it can be hard to see everything you’ve heard is worth seeing.

BUT NOW. You can join ME on a 2.5-hour drive-around-town and visit some of my favorite underrated attractions in the city. We’ll start in Eastern Market and swing east to Belle Isle, up to Nortown, west to Palmer Park and back down the Woodward Corridor with a few detours on our return trip. Along the way we’ll talk about historic homes past and present, Detroit industry before the automobile (big tobacco, anyone?), bygone traditions and past-times (horse races, anyone?), obsolete modes of transportation (see also: horse races), liquor laws or lack thereof, and characters both famous and notorious. We’ll stop at a cemetery and grab a drink at the city’s oldest bar. And you can drink on the bus! BYOB!

Two seatings are available for your convenience. The first leaves Eastern Market at 11 am and the second at 3 pm, with early pick-ups for both seatings in Royal Oak and Ferndale.

If all goes well, we’ll do many more of these in the near future, and see a lot more of the city than we can even in three hours on a big, fun bus.

Hope to see you there. Tickets & more info here.

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