Lazy Friday Links

I have so many questions for you.

Like: what’s up this weekend? If you’d only recommend one dweeby field trip, what dweeby field trip would it be?

Do you know anything about these “mystery” bones that were found in Ypsilanti in the 1930s? (via the great Ypsi history blogger Dusty Diary/Laura Bien)

Have you seen this exhibit about the history of Detroit weddings? I’m way too excited about it.

Don’t you love DUCKS????? (via Midwest Guest)

Do you like local food? What about contemporary art? Do you have $85 and a “Festive Casual” outfit I can borrow? Because HOME SLICE is tonight.

Richard Bak, whose terrific writing about local history often appears in the oversized, expensive-looking pages of Hour Detroit, just wrote a book about Detroit cemeteries called Boneyards. Why didn’t I write that book first? Extra injustice: it will probably be really good.

And why haven’t you sent me your haunted Detroit story yet? I won’t even mind if you make something up.

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