Frederick John Fisher, 1878 – 1941

It’s been a weekend. We went to a big backyard party with bottle rockets and flying champagne corks. We had visitors in town from the Carolinas and we showed them some sights. I think they enjoyed it here, but they brought up some things that challenged me, and I like that about visitors.

I have some good stuff in the works for you this week, but since I’m not ready for any of that yet, I’ll share this:

Frederick J. Fisher

The incredibly beautiful mausoleum door of automotive industry big-shot Frederick J. Fisher, of the Fisher brothers, Fisher Body Works, the Fisher Building. Etcetera.

I adore it.

It’s at Holy Sepulchre in, of all places, Southfield, not far from the border of Farmington Hills, where I grew up. As you know. I also saw some deer that day. Any day that includes deer and a cemetery is a good day in my book.

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