Accordions! In Detroit!

I’m working on new history tour that should be up by, at the very latest, your bedtime (provided I can power through a nasty stomach flu that has rendered me delirious and bedridden).  Meanwhile, may I point you in the direction of this article I wrote about the story of accordions in Detroit? It’s in this week’s Metro Times.

Accordions? you might ask! In Detroit? Well, did you know that the country’s largest distributor of accordions is located in Warren? And that it was started over 80 years ago by an Italian immigrant who sold an accordion out of his car at a gas station, and that the business is still in the family?

If this at all strikes your fancy, check it out.

Yesterday was the perfect day for a long, ambling walk in one of Detroit’s many, many historic cemeteries. Come by later for everything you never knew you needed to know about Woodlawn, final resting place to Hazen Pingree, Rosa Parks, the Strohs, the Dodge brothers, J.L. Hudson, and several iconic Motown stars, including Lawrence Payton, Levi Stubbs and James Jamerson.

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More soon!

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