It’s Pulaski Day

We spent the entire weekend moving. It took three days and what felt like a hundred trips back and forth between burroughs, and I’m exhausted. Our couch wouldn’t even fit through the front door, we somehow broke the speedometer on the U-Haul, the car alarm glitched out at 1:30 in the morning and started blaring every time a door was opened or closed, I somehow slammed my face into my own car door, and we could barely find our clothes to get dressed this morning, but we did it. For the record, moving in February — it’s not very smart.

I’ve sadly had to neglect the blog as a consequence, and this week won’t be any better, between settling in, taking tons of naps, not having internet at the house yet and spending free time at Blowout. Please forgive the temporary absence — we’ll be back in action next week.

In other news, today is Casimir Pulaski Day. In Illinois. That’s okay. We have a Pulaski statue, so I say it counts. Nationwide, Pulaski day is October 11, commemorating his death in Savannah.


I don’t really know a lot about Pulaski besides what most good Polish kids know (and that Sufjan song about him): that after escaping arrest and death in Europe after participating in a failed regicide conspiracy, Pulaski came to America to serve in the Revolutionary War; that he saved George Washington’s life, organized an independent cavalry and died in Georgia of wounds sustained in battle. Pulaski is one of just a handful of people ever granted honorary citizenship in the United States.

His statute in Detroit is on Washington Boulevard at Michigan Avenue, opposite the statue of General Macomb.

casimir pulaski

Another great excuse to eat paczki and/or hang out in Hamtramck this week/end.

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