Stolen cannon and battle gear in Dearborn Heights


I found this announcement on the Hometown History Tours blog, which I started following in the lead-up to Monroe’s biggest outdoor festival, General George Custer’s birthday.

Although I genuinely hope these items are retrieved, I also can’t stop laughing. The pilfering of the entire reenactment equipment stash of the present-day Battery B First Michigan Light Artillery is ridiculous on its own, but the bullet-hole decals on the trailer really take the cake:

Cannon, limber and covered 18 foot car hauler was stolen from a private lot at 4218 Pelham, Dearborn Heights, MI. Locked up inside this trailer was the entire gear belonging to Battery B First Michigan Light Artillary.

The trailer has distinctive bullet hole decals running along both sides and giant cannonball splat on the back door.

The owner wants this information out quickly as the more eyes out looking, the better chances of the equipment being found.

Stolen cannon description: US 1841 6pdr cannon mark C.A. & CO on trunnions 298 over W.V. on muzzle.  No. 5 Limber US. 6 pdr.

Trailer is a charcoal grey 2000 Haulmark 18 foot covered car hauler. VIN 16HGB1834YHO65667.

Contact Officer Beaudree of the Dearborn Heights Police Department if anyone tries to sell you a suspicious 6-pounder in the next couple of days.

I think this is why people become police detectives.