Mark Metcalf on Mad Men tonight

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Dear Mad Men fans, Milwaukeeans, and friends of Mark Metcalf:

One day this summer, I called Mark Metcalf to confirm our regular weekly recording session for the podcast we produce together.

“Uh, I don’t — I can’t make it this week,” he said. “I’m in California. It’s kind of — sudden.”

I was worried that someone had died unexpectedly, so I didn’t ask any questions and asked him to call me to reschedule.

Several days later, I found out through Milwaukee’s film grapevine that Mark had landed a role on Mad Men. And after some gentle persuading from his friendly senior editor, Mark agreed to write about his experiences shooting the show for ThirdCoast Digest. (Read “Mark Metcalf does Mad Men” here.)

And finally — finally! — tonight is the night. The man you know and love from Seinfeld, Animal House, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, that Twisted Sister video and, of course, Backstage with Mark Metcalf makes a guest appearance as the Mayor of Tarrytown, the city with development plans for that reservoir in Ossining that Betty’s all riled up about.

Mark, ever modest, claims that his costume and hair cut did all the work. I can’t wait to see that three-piece suit!

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