Hidden History of Detroit: The Release Party!

One would think that the lives of this people consist in one constant succession of amusements — dances, rides, dinners, card parties, and all the et cetera of dissipation follow in one long train, treading each on the heels of the other.

William Woodbridge, 1815

Please join me at the many-splendor’d Detroit Historical Museum on Wednesday, November 9, to celebrate the release of Hidden History of Detroit.

The book? A cabinet of curious stories from pre-automotive Detroit — a muddy port town full of grog shops, pony carts, and enterprising boostrappers from all over the world.

The party? It starts with a reading at 7 p.m. in the Louise Booth auditorium. I will be wearing an ostentatious red dress and reading uproarious stories from the book.

Then I’ll mingle and sign books while you, my friends, enjoy wine and Stroh’s, hor d’oeuvres by Fresh Chef Detroit, a cake, and festive old-timey music (a mandolin may be involved) in the Streets of Old Detroit.

Afterward I might go out back, pop a bottle of champagne, and light some sparklers. Hmm?

You should come. It’s totally free! And I sure would enjoy your company.

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