So, you’d like to hire me? That’s great news! As an experienced editor, feature writer, content manager/coordinator and digital enthusiast, I’d love to help you out. I believe in working hard and making things easy.

Here’s some work I’ve done for other people who’ve hired me.

DETROIT METROTIMES: As a contributing music feature writer.

Shooting Starlight: Filmmaker Katie Barkel captures some of the city’s finest rock stars forever
Detroit MetroTimes, January 20, 2010

Squeezeboxin’: … the Motor City might be the eye of the accordion storm
Detroit MetroTimes, March 17, 2010

They’re an American Band (RE: Ypsilanti rock band The Ferdy Mayne)
Detroit MetroTimes, May 5, 2010

THIRDCOAST DIGEST.COM (Formerly Vital Source Magazine): As Staff Editor/Managing Editor.

The Legends Live On (RE: Lake Michigan shipwrecks and shipwreck divers)
Vital Source Magazine, August 2007

Fire in the Disco (RE: “Extreme juggler” Marcus Monroe)
Vital Source Magazine, July 2008

VETERAN’S HEALTH (Quarterly newsletter of the Veterans Healthcare System of Ohio):
As lead writer/content coordinator

Veteran’s Health: Summer 2010

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