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    by  • January 12, 2012 • History • 2 Comments

    Milwaukee's Captain Frederick Pabst, in his sea-captain days, crossed paths with another captain — Detroit shipping king and mega-millionaire industrialist Eber Brock Ward.

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    Detroit history at the DIA

    by  • November 18, 2011 • Art, Culture, History • 2 Comments

    I miss history field trips. After spending most of the summer cooped up to write a book (and most of the fall re-assembling my life), I have been eager to start making excursions again — to cemeteries, parks, historic markers, battlefields, the woods. But it seems my time has started to free up just as...

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    Dogs in early Detroit

    by  • October 28, 2011 • History • 5 Comments

    In early Detroit, owning a dog cost you a 50-cent tax. Per dog. Why? Because there were so many damn dogs. Wrote Silas Farmer: There can be no doubt that dog tax was then necessary, for in 1805, with only five hundred and twenty-five heads of families, there were two hundred and nineteen dogs...

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