About this blog

THE NIGHT TRAIN is a blog about pre-automotive metro Detroit history (1701 – 1901, give or take) by Amy Elliott Bragg. More about me and other things I do and write about here.

I will admit that I write things for this blog much less than I used to, but that’s just because blogging has helped me do lots of other great things!

For example, I wrote a book about the arcane history of old Detroit and I’m president of the board of Preservation Detroit. Sometimes I give talks (like this one for TEDxDetroit) and cemetery tours. I’m available for private history tours, depending on your tastes and interests, so let’s talk if you’re curious about that. Every once in a while I help organize an event or a party in the service of Detroit’s weird history.

The best way to keep in touch with me about stuff I’m writing, tours I’m giving, and events I’m hosting is to sign up for my newsletter, which I send about once a month. Otherwise, contact me here or join me on TwitterFacebook, or Instagram. (Fair warning, on Instagram I mostly just post pictures of my dog.)

A note about photos and copyright and stuff

Where possible I provide links and/or source information for images that I did not create myself; most of the time, I have determined these images to be in the public domain. If you own the copyright to any image you feel I have used inappropriately, please contact me.

I take most of the original photographs you see, mostly with my iPhone. I invite you to make use of my photography under this Creative Commons license (CC BY-NC 3.0), although I’d appreciate it if you’d drop me a line to let me know that you’ve re-purposed my work. A link back is also polite.