Introducing the Little Detroit History Letter



Via the National Automotive History Collection at the Detroit Public Library 

Hi readers: You may have realized that I don’t update this blog as often as I used to, for a variety of reasons, not least of which is that writing, photographing, and researching increasingly takes forever, and I’m a busier person than I once was! See also: The rise of Instagram, the demise of Google Reader, and me getting kind of into gardening.

But have no fear! When I can, I’m still writing, photographing, and researching. I’m also giving tours and hosting events, which sometimes I’m not so great at letting readers know about. And sometimes I’m just curious about stuff that doesn’t require a whole belabored blog post. So I’ve decided to experiment with a new-fangled old-fashioned content delivery system: I’m launching an email newsletter, the Little Detroit History Letter, via TinyLetter. I will deliver it directly to your email inbox not-infrequently, but not annoyingly-all-the-time, either. Like once every week or two, maybe! I haven’t totally decided yet.

You can subscribe to the Little Detroit History Letter here. Sign up! See if you like it! Or if you’re not sure whether or not it’s your thing, you can check out the first Little Detroit History Letter here.

I’ll also continue to use this good ol’ blog for longer-form writing, research, and curiosities. And, as always, Facebook and Twitter.

See you there,