Upcoming events: Drunk history at Slows + Reading in Farmington

Detroit Drunken Historical Society — this Thursday, April 26, Slows BBQ

If you could change one thing in Detroit’s past, what would it be?

Would you undo the surrender of Fort Detroit in 1812? Keep the streetcars, or build a subway instead? Do you wish we had stayed a French city? Would you save a favorite building? Convince Motown to stay in Motown? Re-elect Pingree?

It’s a freestyle edition of the Detroit Drunken Historical Society as we share our bright (and/or boozy) ideas about the past and the future at the third meeting of the Detroit Drunken Historical Society on April 26 at Slow’s BBQ on Michigan Avenue. We’ll talk, drink, talk more and drink more in a free-flowing, side-tracking, imagination-expanding open discussion, supplemented by the barbeque, bourbon & beer selection at Slows. As always, you can RSVP and keep up with the Society on Facebook and Meetup.

Captured Characters: Historical and Modern Profiles of Detroit — May 10, Farmington Public Library

This one is close to my heart. I grew up in Farmington, but this whole fandango — the blog, all it’s become, and everything it’s allowed me to do — started at the Farmington Public Library. I had the good fortune to live next door when I first moved back to Michigan and, unemployed and seeking a new sense of place, I spent hours in their Heritage Collection, pawing through old books, newspapers and journals and growing curiouser and curiouser about the history of our strange, surprising, imperiled Detroit.

So I’ll read some of my favorite character studies from Hidden History of Detroit, and I’ll also talk about some of my favorite Farmingtonians: founding “Uncle” Nathan Power, the cheese-maker bicyclist Governor Fred Warner, and Oliver Perry Hazard.

And John Carlisle of 313: Life in the Motor City will share some of HIS favorite characters from the present day. It’s always a delight to partner up with John and I hope you’ll join us! The event is free but advance registration is recommended.

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