Upcoming events: History, drinks and discoveries in Detroit, Dearborn

Detroit Drunken Historical Society — Inaugural Lecture — Feb. 22 (UPDATED: NEW VENUE!)

FINALLY! This is a dream I’ve been hoping to bring to life for years.

Part lyceum, part drunk history — you’ll learn something, and you might have a headache the next day. Join us at Foran’s St. Cece’s on Wednesday, Feb. 22, around 8 p.m., for Michigan craft beers, mingling with other people who love history, and an entertaining, off-the-cuff lecture about Detroit history. This month, I’m giving the talk. Yes, I’ll be drunk. (A little.)

We’re hoping to make this a monthly gathering, and we’ll be looking for speakers. (You don’t have to drink to give a talk, but of course we encourage it.) Join us on Meetup or Facebook to keep up with our tipsy (yet educational!) engagements.

Palmer Park Winter Festival — Feb. 25

I won’t be speaking at this event, but I will be enjoying snow shoe rentals and ice skating (weather permitting), horse-drawn carriage rides, bonfires and toasted marshmallows, and — oh my gosh,yes! — a dog fashion show! Come out for free, festive family fun in one of the best parks in the city. If I see you there I’ll introduce you to Mona.

More info here!

Dearborn Historical Museum — March 7

I’ll be talking about Hidden History of Detroit at the Dearborn Historical Museum‘s Ross-McFadden House. Starts at 7:30! Tell your friends!

Discover Detroit — Detroit Historical Museum — March 9

Food from local restaurants, talks from local smart folks, representatives from lots of local organizations, all under one roof. It’s a crash-course in Detroit! Only fun and delicious. I’ll be speaking around 7 p.m.; the event is from 6 to 10 p.m.

More info and tickets ($10) available here.

Hope to see some of you around town this late winter/early spring!

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