Woodlawn in the summer + Writer’s block

No joke: It has been really hard to start writing again.

The book is finished. Finished! I signed off on my final changes and there is nothing left to do but wait for word from the publisher, plan some kind of release party, and try to relax.

My brain feels like a big crew of mowers plowed through it, whipping around roaring weed-whackers and leaf-blowers and leaving clumps of itchy dry grass everywhere. And I need to keep it quiet in there until the goldenrod grows back and the rabbits feel like it’s OK to come out.

Meanwhile, here are some photos of Woodlawn that I took in the heave of July. More photos this week, plus a little writing I’ve been scraping together for friends and associates.

Shaggy pines.

Grinnell tomb.


I can’t believe how enormous the trees are.


The Idol of the People.

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