Party in the cocktail car!*

So. Remember how I am on a book deadline?

It’s true. Actually, I am in what we might charitably call The Home Stretch. It involves a lot of late nights, nail biting, and alternate bouts of tightrope-walk anxiety and suspicious spells of calm.

I can’t wait to tell you all about the book, by the way. And as soon as I turn in my manuscript, I am going to drink a bottle of champagne by myself, dance around the apartment in my bloomers, fall asleep for a few days, and then spill.

Until then, as you can imagine, I am kind of strapped for time.

But fear not! I won’t be leaving you hanging. Because without your readership and support, I wouldn’t be writing a book. (Not this book, anyway.)

So instead of disappearing for the next two weeks? This blog is going to be more interesting, insightful and inspiring than ever. I hope.

I have called in favors from some of my very favorite people, who have agreed to stop on by for an imaginary cocktail and some sparkling conversation. Some of them want to chat about Detroit and Detroit-area history. Others want to talk to you about amazing things in places that are Not Detroit. We might make some food, or gossip over drinks.

You’ll like these friends, I think. So stop by and see us. Or join the party: submit a favorite place, say hello on Facebook, or just email me and tell me a story.

*Can you believe this is the first time I’ve made a train reference in a headline? Me either!

#night train and friends