Adorable vintage newsreel: Jackie Coogan and Sheba the Elephant

In 1923 Detroit school children saved their pennies, nickels and dimes for a very special purchase: an Asian elephant named Sheba for the Belle Isle Zoo. You may remember her from this picture I posted about a year ago.

(via Virtual Motor City)

Today I found some adorable NEWSREEL (!!!) of Sheba the elephant. I promise it will make your Friday.

Here she is getting a bath.

Child star Jackie Coogan came to Detroit in 1926 in support of Near East Relief. He got to ride a carriage driven by Sheba the Elephant. He also got to hug Mayor John C. Lodge. MAYOR LODGE HUGGING ADORABLE CHILD STAR!

Adorable overload. Watch the reel.

Warning: VMC has digitized several HUNDRED of these newsreels and it is dangerously easy to lose your whole day watching them. Just be prepared.

Happy Friday,

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(UPDATE, as of 7-20-2011: Jackie Coogan’s Near East Relief tour was in 1924, not 1926.)

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