Pride of Baltimore II visits Detroit tomorrow

Look at this beauty!

She’s the Pride of Baltimore II, and she’s coming to Detroit TOMORROW! The Pride II docks at noon on Thursday, July 7, at the new Port of Detroit on the Riverwalk. Tours are available to the public on Thursday from 2 to 7 pm and on Friday from 10 am to 8 pm.

The Pride of Baltimore II is a replica War of 1812 Baltimore Clipper. It sails the seven seas as a Goodwill Ambassador for Maryland, telling everyone it meets that the Old Line State is a nice place to visit. For a long time it was actually owned by the citizens of Maryland. It may be the most wonderful state tourism campaign of all time. (Sorry, Pure Michigan.)

Pride II also honors the memory of the original Pride of Baltimore, built in 1975, which sank in a freak Caribbean squall in 1986, taking its Captain and three crew members with it.

Just thought you might like to know, as the news has been flying under the radar around these parts. I am sure it will make headlines tomorrow, though, when a slender and graceful tall ship glides right up to Hart Plaza and surprises the whole town.

Learn more on the Pride of Baltimore II Facebook page.

Dweebiest personal fact: I have been obsessed with clipper ships since we saw the Star of India in San Diego when I was 12 years old. I wore the Star of India t-shirt I got there until I was 24. In high school, when I was maybe too old for this, I had my entire bedroom redecorated in a nautical theme, with schooner wallpaper and a big wooden bunk bed.

So, of course, we will be there. Will you?

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