Thinking about Presidents

James Monroe: the first President to visit Detroit. Also: last President to wear the old Revolutionary tri-corner.

Unanticipated intelligence was received, about 8 A.M., that President Monroe, with Governor Cass and Generals Brown and Macomb with their suites, were at the mouth of the river, and would be within three miles of the city at ten o’clock. A meeting of citizens was immediately called … to make suitable arrangements for a reception. At ten o’clock a large number of citizens, in carriages, on horseback, and on foot, collected at Springwell’s and proceeded to the river Ecorce, where the presidential party had arrived in barges from the vessel.

… At night the city was illuminated – the bill for which, paid to Abraham Edwards by order of the Common Council, amounted to the sum of $23.26; the vessels in the harbor were tastefully decorated with lights, and there was a display of fireworks.

… He remained in Detroit five days, during which time he received many testimonials of regard, among which was the gift of a carriage and span of horses, presented by the city.

— Silas Farmer on Detroit’s first Presidential visit in 1817

Andrew Jackson: In 1835, he removed Stevens T. Mason, territorial Governor, from office, trying to avoid a conflagration with Ohio.

What a jerk.

George Washington: There’s a statue of him (as Master Mason no less) in front of Mariner’s Church. On the Riverfront we also have a bust of Abraham Lincoln, which I did not know until I read this post from One More Spoke.

Lewis Cass: Never President. Ran as Democratic Party’s nominee in 1848. Lost to Zachary Taylor, future namesake of Taylor, Michigan.

Happy President’s Day!

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