Links for Friday, 2-11-11

I haven’t done one of these in a while. Probably because instead of posting lazy link round-ups when I don’t have anything fascinating to share with you, I’ve just been not posting.

But even though it’s the dead of winter, and I’m really fried (and it sounds like a lot of you are, too, based on the emails I keep getting that say, “Gah! I’m busy! It’s cold! I’m still reading, I swear!”), there’s a lot going on that I would like to discuss before marching back into the archives next week.

Let’s start with …


I just wrote almost 500 words about Detroit’s internet-meme-borne Robocop statue, Milwaukee’s tourism-bureau-built Bronze Fonz, and why it sucks that you can’t be critical a project like this without someone saying you’re taking it too seriously.

Then I deleted all of those words. I think it’s kind of an annoying idea — I’m just so exhausted with irony — and I stand pretty much 100% behind Supergay Detroit’s Robocop party line. But I learned my lesson once, when I was a rookie journalist/blogger/new media type in Milwaukee and my blog post about the Bronze Fonz (please forgive my overuse of adjectives) led to a tipsy confrontation by the CVB’s PR flak at a city dinner. I don’t want to go through that again.

At least this public argument is a lot more ridiculous and fun. And at least Robocop is way more badass than the Fonz. Also, at the end of the day, I don’t care that much.

Detroit Lives! Open-Source Detroit Guidebook

Where do you always take people when they come to visit Detroit? What are your don’t-miss Detroit experiences? What do you suggest when people want to go beyond Comerica Park, coney dogs and the People Mover? (Or Michigan Central, Heidelberg, and Slow’s?)

Detroit Lives! wants to know for an unusual and amazing open-source Detroit guidebook project. Please submit to this! I haven’t yet, but if I do, will you, too?

I’m thinking about suggesting the log cabin in Palmer Park, built by Senator Thomas Palmer himself. When I first read about the log cabin in History of Detroit for Young People, I figured it was probably like every other quaint old landmark in that book (the Finney Barn, the streetcar stops, the old City Hall) — long lost to the ages. WRONG! And so happily wrong.

People for Palmer Park just released some trail maps, too (on their Facebook page), so you can plan your springtime treks through the virgin woods that Senator Palmer strictly insisted the city leave the hell alone.

Speaking of Facebook

We’re just a few “likes” shy of 300 Facebook followers. We just upgraded to the new page layout, too, which is a much-needed and very attractive improvement. Easier to share pictures, easier to figure out when you fine folks are sharing something with me, more interactive and just lovelier. I try not to be too aggressive about my external social media efforts because I don’t know how valuable most of them are, but I do try to keep up with my Facebook page when I’m taking a break from long-form blogging over here. So give it a thumbs up, if you please.

Valentine’s Day

Last year’s post remains one of my favorite things on the site, even though it’s closer for comfort than most of what I write here. I’ve been posting  more and more topically and far less personally lately, I think — partly due to increased constraints on my creative time; partly because, unfortunately, I’ve absorbed a lot of corporate dreck about “blogging” that I’m trying to unlearn — but my hope is that I will work back in that direction over time.

Also, in the spirit of luuuuuuuuuurve, check out Perfect Laughter’s series of interviews with couples who make art together. They are all really fun and insightful little pieces on creativity and relationships.

I am thinking about making Noelle’s recipe for mussels for my sweet man this weekend, but I actually don’t know if he likes mussels or not. Shellfish in sumptuous wine sauce just strikes me as really romantic. Is that weird? Are mussels gross?

I guess we’ll find out. Have a sexy weekend.



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