Working hiatus

THE NIGHT TRAIN is taking a week or so off from the blog, due to end-of-year pile-up, secret projects both blog- and non-blog related, cooking for occasions friendly and familial, shopping (locally), and winterizing — in other words, to get some work done.

woman working

[Woman working on an airplane motor, 1942. Source.]

We’ll be back soon, hopefully with some improvements. And, as always, we will stay in touch on our Facebook page.

A few things to keep you busy? Sure!

“Building on Burial Ground,” an engrossing survey of the American cemetery as landscape, architecture and a reflection of societal values and ideals. Also: pretty pictures. Via Design Observer, on the recommendation of a reader. Thanks, Minna!

Belle Isle Home continues her excellent work on the life of Letta Crapo Smith, a founding member of the Detroit Society of Women Painters.

How about a gigantic high-resolution photograph of Detroit’s Huber & Metzger bike shop in 1912? (UPDATE! corrects the history on this photo. It’s actually the post-Huber & Metzger solo enterprise of W.E. Metzger.) Via Kottke/originally posted on Shorpy.

The DIA’s American battle flag from the Battle of Little Big Horn sold at auction today for $2.2 million.

Now in Capitol Park! A charming maquette of the original State Capitol. (Photo courtesy the Michigan Historical Commission)

capitol park machete

Really enjoyed Travis Wright’s cover feature for the MetroTimes on Detroit photographer Bill Rauhauser. The photographs are captivating. The history is incredible. Take a nice long look!

And on a non-Detroit history note, the Atlantic just posted an article about Joe Sjoberg, who is missing from Madison, WI. He hasn’t been seen since November 30; his car is gone as well. He’s also the brother of a friend and college classmate of mine. His friends and family are leading a breathtaking social media campaign to mobilize anyone, anywhere to post flyers, call hotels, airstrips, and local news teams, and spread the word. If you want to help, you can visit the Find Joe Facebook page to learn more.

Enjoy your week!



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