Election Day

Somewhere in the universe, the daredevil Stevens T. Mason is arrayed in his finest broadcloath suit, sharing an apertif and discussing Jeffersonian principles with the Free Soiler Kinsley Scott Bingham. Folk hero Hazen S. Pingree and war hero Russell A. Alger dine on quail. Henry Porter Baldwin lays plans for some celestial congregation and Epaphroditus Ransom spaces out to the sound of far-away howling wolves. G. Mennen Williams calls a square dance and the orphaned cheese magnate Frederick Maltby Warner romps along. Alpheus Felch pushes his glasses up his nose and creaky old William Woodbridge grumbles about the noise levels. And the good General Lewis Cass abides.

It’s a heavenly gubernatorial convention. And today one more name gets put on the waiting list.

Let’s do this. Go vote today. Visit publius.org to learn more.

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