Stevens T. Mason to be reburied on Wednesday

How many opportunities do you have in a lifetime to attend the solemn rite of governor’s burial?

How many of those opportunities involve a governor who died 167 years ago?

A governor that fought to found your state?

The youngest governor ever?

A governor whose nickname was Young Hotspur?

You see where we’re going with this. And yes, your answer to these hypothetical questions could reasonably be, “Pretty good, actually, but thanks,” considering how many times the Boy Governor Stevens T. Mason has been buried since his death in 1843 (we count four). Most recently, his remains were disinterred during the renovation of Capitol Park, and they’ll be put to rest yet again this Wednesday, October 27, at 1:00 pm.

Clearly, we would not miss this for the world. Feel free to take the afternoon off and join us.

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We wrote about Stevens T. Mason and Capitol Park a few months ago, when it briefly looked like he was lost. Remember that?

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