Brain vacation to Okauchee Lake, Wisconsin

Oh, it’s February. And I hate it.

This last full month of winter has been busy, and it’s passed quickly, and at the end of the month (just a short week and some change away!) brings us to a charming new apartment in a new part of town. I also enjoy a birthday in March. Fresh. Until then, I’m shuffling around like a grumpy, listless hag, an unmovable object of dull anxiety, slight spirits and general boredom.

Today I worked on a service piece for a magazine in Wisconsin about weekend trips to the lake country west of Milwaukee, and whilst irritably Googling “Okauchee Lake rentals,” I found a mesmerizing trove of old postcards, hundreds of them, dating from 1906 to the mid-1930s.

Here are a few favorites. I know it’s a little outside of the area I typically cover on the blog, but I figure you all need a vacation as much as I do.

See more here, or visit the Village of Oconomowoc Lake website and select “Historic Views of the Area” for even more vintage Wisconsin pleasures.

okauchee lake swimmer

Foxy swimmer!

okauchee lake beach resort


okauchee lover's lane

Lover’s Lane

okauchee milk maid

Ethnic joke! Not funny, but sort of funny.

okauchee lake a good catch

A good catch, indeed.

Feel better yet?

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