How a music blog brought me back to Michigan

Greetings, team blog readers:

Today I’m taking a reprieve from my usual task of writing about statues and old cemeteries and bringing you something a little different: the story of the music blog that brought me back to Michigan at the end of August.

The best part: it’s also a mix CD.

You can visit the music blog that brought me back to Michigan, read the post and download the mix CD here.

And while we’re talking collateral, you might also be interested to know:

1. That my mom, Joan Ginsberg, is running a comment drive over at her blog, HR University. She’s brand new to the blogosphere, so stop over for a visit if you’re interested in human resource practice, HR and the law, social media and the law, best practices for social media in HR policy or the new wave of human resource philosophy in general (and if you didn’t know there was such a thing, I definitely advise you to learn more, starting with my mom and her blogroll).

If you leave a comment on her blog or my blog (it’s her way of saying “thanks!” for my persistence and enthusiastic suggestions that she get involved with social media) before January 2, she’ll enter you in a drawing for $100 and a copy of Zingerman’s Guide to Better Bacon.

And you thought the world was upside down when your mom asked to be your Facebook friend.

Seriously, though. Blogging moms are the best moms.

2. That an article I wrote about Jason Stollsteimer of The Von Bondies and The Hounds Below ran in the Metro Times last week. It’s my first byline for Metro Times since they published a poem I wrote in their 2003 Summer Fiction issue, which I think was my first byline ever.

Happy reading. We’ll be back in a couple of days to celebrate the birthday of Mad Anthony Wayne.

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