And after several hours in the archives: To all a good night


(Enterprise, 12/24/1915)

THE NIGHT TRAIN is taking a brief sabbatical from blogging for the holiday. As a send-off and a season’s greetings to you, lovely readers, I’ve spent some time today flipping through the virtual pages of the Farmington Community Library’s Enterprise/Observer-Eccentric/Observer newspaper archives for some cheery vintage Christmas banners, typesets, cartoons, illustrations and details.

We’ll be back next week. Enjoy your holiday!


Enterprise, 12/21/1925


Enterprise, 12/21/25, from a Central Pharmacy ad


Enterprise, 12/19/29, from a Warner Dairy (remember them?) full-page ad


Detail from the 1929 full-page Warner Dairy ad


Enterprise, 12/19/29


Best groceries … EVER! Enterprise, 12/21/1933, from a Delos Hamlin groceries ad


Enterprise, 12/19/29

“I thought you were going to ask your friends not to give you any Christmas presents this year.”

“Well, I thought some of them might really do it.”


Enterprise, 12/19/29

“Yes, y’see it’s like this – I bring this big empty box in and pretend to hide it under the bed. The wife is curious, of course, but won’t let on. Then I asks to go to the club, an’ it’s a cinch, see?”

These aren’t Christmas-related, but I enjoyed them thoroughly anyway:


Enterprise, 12/24/15

And that dreadful day on December 22, 1911, when …

zookeeper gored

Enterprise, 12/22/11

A zoo keeper was gored by an enraged buffalo. Don’t worry though; he survived.

And on that note … good tidings.

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