Welcome to the future!

If you’re a regular web visitor to The Night Train, you may notice a little new trim around the windows, as it were. Hope you like it.

If you subscribe in a reader, your feed should automatically switch over from the old domain (thenighttrain.wordpress.com) to the new one (nighttraintodetroit.com), but if it fails for some reason, drop me a line and I’ll troubleshoot. And of course, if you only ever see the site in a reader, come over for a quick visit. It’s like a birthday card covered in sequins and uncooked macaroni noodles — I made it (mostly) myself! (Don’t tell Tony Bobrov, who stayed on call for me for about a week while I stumbled through CSS books and clumsily Photoshopped.)

I’m still fussing over details, but I didn’t want to defer the move over an unfinished blogroll or widget zeal, preferring instead to get the stress of a site move over with as quickly as possible.

Check back this week for the madcap search for a painting that turned out to be in a pretty obvious place; the story of a really old oak tree on the corner of 12 Mile and Halstead; the site of a century-old skate rink.

Meanwhile, it’s a few-days-old news, but The Henry Ford is digitizing its photography collection and uploading it to Flickr, and that’s amazing.

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