Weekend watch-out: Art Detroit Now picks

I am so excited for this opening at the Cranbrook Art Museum: a mid-career survey of photographer and installation artist Richard Barnes called Animal Logic.

I’m not familiar with Barnes’s work, but from the looks of it his work combines some of my very favorite things: animals, nature, museums, science and deep thinking about how we experience all of those things, and how all of those things inform each other and us.

From Cranbrook’s website:

Integral to Animal Logic will be new photography and installations utilizing the collections of Cranbrook Institute of Science.  During three extended visits to Cranbrook in 2009, Barnes explored and photographed the Institute’s vast collection of over 150,000 objects distributed across nine fields of study, including items from the collections of Anthropology, Ornithology and Paleontology.  The resulting photographs, as well as large selections of the objects themselves, will provide a rich context for Barnes’s mid-career survey.”

The exhibition opens on Saturday in tandem with Art Detroit Now, a major contemporary art event that includes a midtown culture crawl, tours of area art galleries with lectures and workshops and other goodies and an open house at the Russell Industrial Center. You can download The Gallery Guide (which is also useful for general Detroit-area art-seeing reference) here.

breeding ground

Also opening this weekend: a new show, Breeding Grounds: New Detroit Sculpture at the Museum of New Art in Pontiac (I have never been there; is it awesome?). The show features work by Kevin Beasley, Christopher Samuels,  Nathan Morgan, Abigail Newbold, Andrew Thompson and the Detroit Projection Project (go meet them on Facebook)! There’s a panel discussion tomorrow night on the state of the arts and sculpture, specifically, in Detroit metro’s social landscape. We believe this to be worth checking out.

And the new Burton Theatre, an independent art house in the Cass Corridor, opens this weekend. But you already knew that!

It’s also time for us to take in our recycling, but that is neither here nor there.

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